At an early age, we learn The Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do onto you. But this shouldn’t stop at name-calling on the playground or sharing your toys. Let me introduce you to The Golden Rule of Recruiting:

“Recruit the way that you would want to be recruited.”

Have you ever worked with a recruiter before and it was painfully clear that they weren’t familiar with your role? Have you ever had to stop your conversation and explain simple industry jargon? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to meet with a recruiter that has a strong understanding and appreciation of the challenges you’re facing?

After spending 16 years in Consumer Packed Goods (CPG) and Category Management, I thought about all the positive recruitment experiences and saw a common theme – the most successful relationships come from recruiters who have been in CPG. The ability to identify and target candidates with industry-specific knowledge only comes with experienced, industry-specific recruiters. Understanding the intricacies and the knowledge of the day-to-day allows recruiters to separate the good from the exceptional candidate. Because at the end of the day, businesses are looking for talent, not resumes.

Whether you’re a candidate interested in new opportunities or a business with open positions, your time is both limited and valuable. I work with one simple creed “recruit the way that you would want to be recruited” -because I’ve been there.

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