Be Strategic – Not Trendy

Has the word “strategic” become just another overused buzzword?

Businesses evolve and so must the way we look at staffing our human resource teams. Generational divides are growing, new technology is changing the user experience, there’s fierce competition in talent acquisition, and we still have compliance to consider. Not to mention the pressure of justifying our every move with ROI.

According to a report by Viser, a third of Chief HR Officers and Senior Executives see little to no strategic contribution from their team. Less than 10% believe that they’re positioned to make a significant strategic contribution to their company.

So what does it mean to be strategic?

A Strategic HR Business Partner:

  • Steps out of their office
    • Know the goals of the business, not just the department. Establishing relationships with key stakeholders and decision makers will help paint a better picture of where opportunities lie. How are people – customers, competitors, and employees – impacting the business?
  • Thinks differently and critically
    • Strategic HR business partners step outside of their current boundaries and ask the hard questions – “What if…?” Considering alternative paths lead to more developed plans to effectively achieve business objectives.
  • Makes things happen
    • Observe, assess, plan, act – that’s how HR business partners are creating a strategic alignment with the business. Understanding the business, customer, and competition and creating reports isn’t enough. HR must own the process and put plans into action in order to

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