The 2016 mid-year report on U.S. hiring trends indicates that hiring demand is high, but skilled labor supply is low.

Sapeare Executive Search launched the results of its 2016 mid-year hiring trends report. Conclusions from the report indicate that companies across all segments are struggling to find qualified candidates and anticipate this trend to continue into 2017.

Over half of the participants (57%) agree that hiring volume has been aggressive in the first half of 2016 and will continue to be so through 2017. There is a small number (12%) that has experienced a significant decrease in hiring in the first half of 2016, but they anticipate this will improve by end of year. More than a third (35.7%) of the survey respondents has an average of 20 or more open positions, and they expect this trend to continue.Sapeare 2016 hiring trends report

“Hiring in 2016 is being driven by supply and demand, with demand continuing to be greater than supply,” commented Steve Dawson, Managing Director of Sapeare. “Uncertainty over job growth continues even though we’ve moved past the recession. Surveys help to gauge our current hiring climate. The bottom line is job growth is at an all time high, which is good, but filling highly skilled positions will continue to be a challenge for employers and recruiters this year and going into 2017.”

While the lack of qualified candidates continues to be a challenge, over half of the survey participants (67%) responded that employee turnover was the number one reason for increased hiring volume, followed closely (64%) by company growth and acquisition. As this trend and competition for talent continues, this report serves as a warning that employers must be competitive with offer packages, and provide an environment of professional development to attract and retain quality candidates.

Survey participants confirmed that although LinkedIn and job boards continue to be top hiring channels in recruitment, relationship building is still the top tool for recruiting. Recruiters are employing a full range of options, including the engagement of experienced recruiting firms, to find the right talent to meet client demands.

About the 2016 Hiring Trends Survey

This report is based on a survey conducted by Sapeare Executive Search. Hiring decision makers from a range of industries − high tech, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, consumer goods, and other segments − were invited to participate in the survey. Download the survey report.

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