Proven Recruiting Process

Sapeare provides engaged personal support and feedback in its five-step recruitment process. Our highly effective search process has proven successful for our partners. But every business is unique, and we’ll identify the best solutions to support your objectives. From planning your search strategy and defining a timeline, we support you through every step, helping to ensure success in your search.

Executive Search Services – Sapeare 2

Step 1: Planning

    • Briefing followed by profile definition based on competencies and assessment criteria
    • Plan search strategy and define a timeline
    • Prepare search process brief
Executive Search Services – Sapeare 3

Step 2: Identification

    • Research
    • Networking and sourcing
    • Filtering potential candidates
The Gap Between What Leaders Want and What Recruiters Deliver

Step 3: Short Listing

    • Candidate engagement and assessment
    • Shortlist filtered candidates
    • Make initial reference check on candidates
    • Psychometric test/ quantitative aptitude tests
Executive Search Services – Sapeare 5

Step 4: Recommendation

    • Executive profile submitted to client
    • Shortlist criteria defined
    • Arrange interviews
    • Evaluate interview results
Executive Search Services – Sapeare 6

Step 5: Appointment

    • Compensation offer negotiation
    • On-boarding support
    • Post-placement support
    • Share search findings
    • Update on the client sheet